IIT Madras

IIT Madras

IIT Madras is one of the topmost institutes in India in the field of Engineering expanding and performing research activities, meeting international standards with its eminent faculty. The institute is recognized as an institute of National importance that offers higher technological education, basic and advanced research with international collaborations. The institute ranks first among the engineering institute in India by the Ministry of Education’s National Institutional Ranking Framework since 2016. The first Indian institute to establish a research park to support research and development and promote industry-academia collaboration. The institute through its various departments and research Centre’s put forth in its own way in addressing universal issues.

Department of Ocean Engineering

The department of Ocean Engineering being a potential one with its resources, concentrates on research, industrial and academic activities in offshore engineering, coastal Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, naval architecture and on other ocean related activities. Research activities on the Coast include climate adaptations, ecosystem-based design solutions (artificial reefs, vegetation), interactions of tsunami-like flow structures, assimilation of renewable energy solutions with coastal structures that contribute to the blue economy, economies scale in models, waves influence on a new class of coastal structure, overtopping, and state-of-the-art hybrid numerical models. The department has a strong background in port and harbor, coastal structures, coastal erosion and protection, ocean energy, dredging and ocean mining, subsea pipelines and cables, underwater acoustics, climate and all water related issues. In addition to these the department’s contribution in Naval architecture includes construction, design, safety, maintenance of surface ships and submarines. Through PE programme it offers offshore drilling, deep water drilling technology, offshore oil and gas production practices, offshore oil spill and geo-mechanics applied to offshore petroleum. The departmental covers academic and research activities in theoretical, experimental and numerical areas and is also performing consultancies works with its eminent team. The department actively collaborates with international universities and organizes workshops, conferences and runs projects funded through international agencies.

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