Call for Applications:

8 Scholarships for Master and Doctoral Students from RWTH Aachen University and Technische Universität Dresden in the field of Water and Climate Adaptation

Host universities: Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, and Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Awarded by the DAAD-funded “Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre – Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, Dresden (ABCD-Centre)”

I. What is the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre – Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, Dresden (ABCD-Centre)?

With the ABCD-Centre, the project partners RWTH Aachen University, Asian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, United Nations University – Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) and Technische Universität Dresden are joining forces in an effort to address the global challenge of water security and climate change adaptation in a systematic manner.

The ABCD-Centre is engaged in three intertwined research clusters:

- Cluster I: “Water Security, Water Resources Management, Secure Water Supply and Water Treatment
- Cluster II: “Ecosystem Resilience and Nature-Based Adaptation Measures
- Cluster III: “Transfer Strategies for Climate Adaptation: Traditional Knowledge, Local Economies and Societal Acceptance”.

A key objective of the ABCD-Centre is the research-oriented scientific training of talented students and researchers. It is in this context that the ABCD-Centre awards two scholarships for master students and one for a doctoral student for a research stay in the field of water and climate adaptation.

II. Current opportunity: 8 Scholarships in 2022

Talented and motivated students and researchers from RWTH Aachen and TU Dresden are offered the unique opportunity to conduct research stays at two outstanding Asian institutions of higher education:

the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in Chennai, India and
the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand.



(Sources: OIR IIT Madras; AIT Bangkok)
The ABCD-Centre currently accepts applications for eight scholarships to conduct funded research or teaching stays in the year 2022. The scholarships are given to successful applicants from RWTH Aachen University or Technische Universität Dresden as follows:


Scholarship No. Destination Duration of stay Status group Monthly scholarship
1 AIT Bangkok up to 1 month Master students up to 1200€
2 IIT Madras up to 3 months Master students up to 1150€
3 AIT Bangkok up to 3 months PhD students up to 1675€
4 AIT Bangkok up to 3 months PhD students up to 1675€
5 IIT Madras up to 3 months PhD students up to 1600€
6 IIT Madras up to 3 months PhD students up to 1600€
7 IIT Madras up to 1 month PhD students up to 1600€
8 IIT Madras up to 1 month Postdoc or Professor up to 2000€

Additionally, a one-time amount for travel expenses of up to 1000€ and monthly amounts for insurance can be provided.

III. Who can apply?

For scholarships 1 and 2:
Master students who:

- have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree and
- are currently enrolled in a Master program at RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden and
- are currently planning a research stay abroad as part of their Master thesis or in preparation of their Master thesis.

For scholarship 3 - 7.:
Doctoral students who:

- have graduated with a Master’s degree and
- are currently carrying out their doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden;
- are currently planning a research stay abroad as part of their doctoral thesis.

In justified individual cases, students from other universities than the two (RWTH Aachen and TU Dresden) can also be funded.

For scholarship 8:
A postdoctoral researcher or professor from RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden who is planning a teaching stay at IIT Madras.

IV. Application process and selection criteria

Please send your application with the documents mentioned below in one pdf file to: Application deadline for the scholarship: May 31, 2022.

Documents required for master and doctoral students:

1. Recent Curriculum Vitae;
2. Passport copy;
3. Invitation by host supervisor;
4. Degree certificates and current enrolment certificate with current transcript of records (not older than 3 months) from the home institution;
5. Abstract of the planned research work in a subject relevant for the ABCD-Centre with a detailed time schedule (max. 4 pages);
6. A recent letter of recommendation from an academic supervisor (not older than 3 months) specifically written for this application;
7. Personal motivation for a research stay at IIT Madras or AIT Bangkok (max. 2 pages)
8. Documentation of relevant internships or work experience, if any;
9. Description of planned contributions to the ABCD-Centre (max. 2 pages), e.g. willingness to:

  1. contribute to outreach activities of the ABCD-Centre and participate in events;
  2. present (intermediate) results of research work.

Selection criteria:

  • The application needs to be complete to be considered;

  • The selection is based on merit. A very good academic record, the quality of the recommendation letters and the personal motivation of the applicant are important;

  • Preference is given to applicants who are willing to contribute to the ABCD-Centre’s outreach agenda;

  • Demonstration of English skills and communication skills is important;

  • The selection will be conducted by the Steering Committee of the ABCD-Centre;

  • The ABCD-Centre will announce a positive selection result within four weeks after the application deadline. Please refrain from inquiries until then.

Important information

  1. A mandatory experience report has to be handed in after completing the research stay (final report, max. 4 pages);
  2. The funding rules and regulations by the DAAD under the program “Global Centres for Climate and Environment” apply.
  3. After the selection, the scholarship recipient has to confirm in a binding manner the acceptance of the scholarship


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