Call for Applications: Two funded research stays for professors and senior researchers

Two funded research stays for professors and senior researchers for one month at RWTH Aachen University and Technische Universität Dresden, Germany in 2023. Awarded by the DAAD-funded“Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre –Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, Dresden (ABCD-Centre)”

I. What is the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre – Aachen, Bangkok, Chennai, Dresden (ABCD-Centre)?

With the ABCD-Centre, the project partners RWTH Aachen University, Asian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, United Nations University – Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES), and Technische Universität Dresden are joining forces in an effort to address the global challenge of water security and climate change adaptation in a systematic manner.

The ABCD-Centre is engaged in three intertwined research clusters:

Cluster I:                   “Water Security, Water Resources Management, Secure Water Supply, and Water t treatment
Cluster II:                  “Ecosystem Resilience and Nature-Based Adaptation Measures
Cluster III:                 “Transfer Strategies for Climate Adaptation: Traditional Knowledge, Local Economies and Societal Acceptance”.

It is in this context that the ABCD-Centre funds two research stays in Aachen and Dresden in the summer of 2023 for postdoctoral researchers from IIT Madras and AIT Bangkok.

II. Current opportunity: two funded research stays for professors in 2023 for 1 month

The ABCD-Centre currently accepts applications for two funded research stays at RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden for professors/senior researchers from IIT Madras and AIT Bangkok. Research stays of 1 month are funded.

III. Who can apply?

Professors from IIT Madras and AIT Bangkok interested in deepening and expanding the ABCD Centre’s research activities in one of the three research clusters. It is recommended that a first contact with RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden exists.

IV. What do the scholarships entail?

The scholarship consists of a mobility component, a component for accommodation and living expenses, and a component for insurance.
These are:

  • a monthly amount for accommodation and living expenses: up to 2.300 EUR;
  • a one-time amount for travel expenses of up to 2.000 EUR;
  • support for health insurance; to be decided on an individual basis.

V. Application process

Please send your application with the documents mentioned below in one pdf file by May 15th, 2023 to

VI. Documents required:

  1. Recent Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Passport copy;
  3. Agenda (ca. 4-6 pages) for a funded research stay in Aachen or Dresden including:
    • topic of planned research activity and relevance for the three research clusters of the ABCD-Centre
    • timeline of planned activities
    • expected outcomes of the research stay
    • planned work on joint research proposal (if any)description of strategic importance for the development of the ABCD-Centre
    • any other planned joint activity at the host institution
  4. Invitation by host scientist from RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden as letter or email confirming the agenda and the timeline.

VII. Selection criteria and process

  • The application needs to be complete to be considered
  • The ABCD-Centre advocates equal opportunities and diversity; Invitation by host scientists from RWTH Aachen or TU Dresden as letter or email confirming the agenda and the timeline.
  • The selection will be conducted by the Steering Committee of the ABCD-Centre;
  • The ABCD-Centre will announce a positive selection result within four weeks after the application deadline.

VIII. Important information

  • A final report has to be handed in after completing the stay (final report, max. 2 pages);
  • Please refer to the German Federal Foreign Office’s website for country-specific travel information;
  • The funding rules and regulations by the DAAD under the program “Global Centres for Climate and Environment” apply;
  • After the selection, the scholarship recipient has to confirm in a binding manner the acceptance of the scholarship