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Kangkanika Neog, Anju Bhaskaran, Mukand S. Babel, Srinivasan Ancha, Nitin Bassi, Apoorve Khandelwal (2023), Identifying Pathways for Scaling Up Climate-Smart  Agriculture, India.Link here.

Lindner, A., Stamm, J., Günther, E., Babel, M., Barseghyan, H.,(2022). and climate change adaptation as local challenges with global importance – addressing the gap between knowledge generation and best practice application. Technische Universität Dresden. Link here

Schüttrumpf, H., Stamm, J., Zimmermann, R., Diederich, S., Lindner, A., Günther, E., & Karthe, D. (2022). Das Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre. Wasser und Abfall, 24(5), 41–44. Link here