Indian Institute of Technology Madras

2,963 PhD and 746 Master Research Scholars

146 Patents of inovative solutions for the world

Internationally recognized educational institution

One of the topmost institutes in India in the field of engineering is expanding and performing research activities, meeting international standards with its eminent faculty.

IIT Madras excels in a variety of maritime and ocean-related research fields, including port and harbor management, coastal structures and erosion management, renewable energy sources, subsea pipelines and underwater acoustics, ship and submarine engineering, offshore drilling and production practices, and containment and cleanup strategies for oil spills. Their multidisciplinary approach addresses climate concerns and fosters practical solutions for a sustainable and secure future for humanity and our oceans

IIT Madras, apart from working with the ABCD – Centre through the  Department of Ocean Engineering, it actively collaborates with international universities and organizes workshops, conferences and runs projects funded through international agencies.

Department Of Ocean Engineering

A potential one with its resources, it concentrates on research, industrial and academic activities in offshore engineering, coastal Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, naval architecture and on other ocean related activities.