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Ambili G. Kamalamma, Mukand S. Babel, Venkataramana Sridhar, Geethalakshmi Vellingiri (2023),
A novel approach to vulnerability assessment for adaptation planning in agriculture: An application to the Lower Bhavani Irrigation Project, India.Link here.

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Harish, S., Sriram, V., Schüttrumpf, H., & Sannasiraj, S. A.: Tsunami-like Flow-Induced Forces on the Landward Structure behind a Vertical Seawall with and without Recurve Using OpenFOAM. Water, 14(13), 1986. Link here.

Harish, S., Sriram, V., Schüttrumpf, H., & Sannasiraj, S. A.: Tsunami-like flow-induced forces on the structure: Dependence of the hydrodynamic force coefficients on Froude number and flow channel width in quasi-steady flow phase. Coastal Engineering, 172, 104078. Link here

Baker Matovu, Mathew Elsa Raimy: Integrating the Climate Change Migration Paradox into the Maritime Jurisdiction of Small Island Developing Countries (SIDs). Link here. 


Firas Aljanabi , Sara Guemar, Peter Krebs and Jürgen Stamm: Precipitation Disaggregated Datasets Evaluation and Its Performance in the Storm Water Management Model SWMM

Holger Schüttrumpf, Jürgen Stamm, Rocco Zimmermann, Stefan Diederich: Das Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre. Link here

Baghel, Triambak., & Babel, Mukand. S. (2022, December). Characterization of Hydrometeorological Extremes and Climate Change Projection for Predicting Water-induced Disasters in Songkhram River Basin, Thailand. In Fall Meeting 2022. AGU. Link here

Johann Fiedler: Nachhaltige, globale Resilienz und Klimaanpassung im Forschungsbereich Water Security. Link here


Dirk Fleischer; Arns, A. & Jürgen Stamm (2022): “Climate Adaptation along the German Coast of the Baltic Sea” in proceedings of the 23rd Congress of IAHR-APD Link here

Rachel Koh, Mukand S. Babel, Victor R. Shinde, Guillermo Mendoza,
Towards climate resilient municipal water supply in Bangkok: A collaborative risk informed analysis,
Climate Risk Management,
Volume 35,  2022. Link here