Living Lab

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What is it?

The ABCD-Centre’s ambition is to help implement solutions in the ‘real world’ in order to facilitate transfer and to establish a process of dialogue with stakeholders in society. Therefore, at the core of the ABCD-Centre is a living lab with a physical and a virtual dimension, taking into account the technical, social, economic and environmental dimension of climate change adaptation in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner. It makes use of advanced digital means of communication to conduct climate-relevant research under real conditions. Urban processes – for example water streams, mobility behavior or construction projects – are investigated. Physically collected data is fed into a virtual simulator to identify feasible climate adaptation interventions. Scientific findings are made accessible for the public. Interlinking the different locations making use of digital technology is of crucial importance to enable a flow of insights in all directions. This makes the ABCD-Centre an ideal platform via which knowledge and experience is shared, thus enabling mutual learning effects and ensuring practical relevance. To work towards the transfer of research findings, possible real-life interventions and solutions towards climate change adaptation entails highly sophisticated technology as well as traditional knowledge systems. Additionally, the living lab is integrated into the new joint MSc.-program, doctoral research projects and teaching activities under the umbrella of the ABCD-Centre.