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Doctoral and master research students

Embedded within the 2030 Agenda

Internationally recognised thought leader on the nexus approach

Have access to differente education level such as Doctoral and Masters Programs, as well as online courses and seminars. In the context of the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre UNU-FLORES collaborates with partner institutions in India, Thailand, and Germany to promote adaptation strategies for climate change, which link the crucial topic of water security to the management of other environmental resources (such as soil, biodiversity, energy, food, and waste). Developing strategies to resolve pressing issues of concern to the United Nations and its Member States. Under a framework that focuses on the sustainable use and integrated management of environmental resources such as water, soil, waste, energy, and other geo-resources.

The contribution of UNU-FLORES to this project extends beyond research and postgraduate education, to include knowledge transfer and science-based advocacy targeting political decision-makers and other important stakeholders across industry and civil society.

UNU-FLORES also plays a unique role as the bridge connecting the project to the wider UN System, through the Institute’s active involvement in agency-driven initiatives including the UNU Water Network and the UN Environmental Management Group (UN-EMG).

Institute for the Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources

Advancing a Nexus approach to the sustainable management of environmental resources with an international research institution that focuses on sustainable resource and material flow management. The institute is based in Dresden, Germany, and works to develop and implement innovative approaches and solutions to challenges related to resource efficiency, environmental management, and sustainability