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Nandhini published her paper!

Nandhini Duraimurugan, published her paper

We are happy to share that one of our scholarship holders, Nandhini Duraimurugan, published her article in the ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. Named: Field investigation of suspended sediment transport study in the Kandla creek, Gujarat, India. Congratulations!

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ABCD-Centre at the UN 2023 Water Conference

ABCD-Centre at the UN 2023 Water Conference

The side event aims to explore how scientific advances in the field of water security and climate adaptation can be turned into a driver of climate adaptation in society, policy, and the community of practice. It seeks to bring together experiences and insights from multilateral, transnational, and interdisciplinary initiatives and analyze their strategies to close the gaps between knowledge generation, dissemination, and best practice application. The session aims to accumulate insights into experiences regarding the accessibility of information on climate adaptation measures for water security and jointly identify entry points for overcoming disparities by improving ongoing activities in academia and application, as well as draft novel concepts for forthcoming proposals. Please register here to save your place:

The session will be structured as follows: Introduction to the session (5 min) Lightening talks (3x10 min): Urban Water Security Assessment: Conceptual Framework and Application (Prof. Mukand Babel (AIT) Contributions of Higher Education to Climate Adaptation and Water Security (Prof. Jürgen Stamm, TUD) Connecting academia and the UN system (Prof. Edeltraud Günther, UNU-FLORES) Panel discussion (40 min): How can we advance water security and climate change adaptation and ensure effective transfer from knowledge to implementation? Summary and outlook, including discussion and a proposal to the Water Action Agenda (15 min)


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Coastal Protection and Coastal Adaption

Costal Protection and Climate Adaptation

Training Workshop: Island nations and its population are under constant pressure to develop resilience against climate change and natural disasters. Water extremes scenario, urban water management, sea level rise owing to climate change, strategies for climate adaption, coastal protection measures, and real-time case studies were the prime topics of discussion at the transfer workshop.

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Flood Pollution Assessment and Knowledge Transfer

Flood Pollution Assessment and Knowledge Transfer

Across the world, (mega-) cities, rural areas, industrial infrastructures, and landscapes are affected by floods. These partly catastrophic impacts will increase with ongoing global warming, leading to higher frequencies and amplitudes of flood events. Both more developed and less developed countries are at risk as floods impact environmental, economic, and social systems. The increase in the monetary value of floodplains, deltas, and coastal areas (e.g., by urbanization and industrialization) leads to an increase in the expected damage caused by flood events. Thus, research on flood prevention, flood protection, flood risk management, and disaster management has been performed nationally and internationally in recent decades. The water bodies in urban areas are highly contaminated with wastewater and dumpsite leachate runoff which carry a lot of pollutants high in BOD, microbial load, chemicals, and microplastics. Additionally, analysis of pollutant distribution may help to model and predict how flood events and the associated distribution of pollutants have and may impact organismic performance and ecosystem functioning.

22-24 February 2023 venue: IIT Madras, Chennai

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Geo-textile Technology and Climate Change

Geo-textile Technology and Climate Change

13 Dec 2022 venue: IIT Madras, Chennai

The international workshop showcased the applications of geo-textiles with real-field examples and their impact on the environment. The case studies detailed encompassed a large spectrum varying from coastal protection structures, wave energy dissipation units, innovative scour protection schemes, sensor-based data collection using technical textiles, novel, and ongoing research as a part of Doctoral Thesis, floating platforms for port and harbor structure.

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