Transfer Strategies for Global Water and Climate Adaptation: Traditional Knowledge, Local Economies and Societal Acceptance

Cluster III will contribute to the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre by going beyond individual research competencies and their multitude of perspectives: it aims at an inter-and transdisciplinary dialogue on the tangible effects of climate change and environmental degradation. By bringing together renowned scientists and institutions from all project partners and beyond, pressing problems are addressed on a joint and highly visible platform. Thematic events will address global discourses on water security and climate adaptation and involve various local and global stakeholders in a participatory manner. A competence network will be established that is able to consult decision-makers in governmental and non-governmental institutions.The funded Centre Fellows working in Cluster III will be included in the research and outreach activities and play a crucial role in the development of transfer strategies that find the acceptance of local stakeholders and consider their diversity. These fellows and alumni will actively engage in a lasting process of dialogue with stakeholders in society. The competence of scientists involved in Cluster III will be particularly helpful in the establishment of a living lab outlined in this proposal.