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First Scholarship holder. Future Environmental Leadership (FEL) scholar’s scientific cohort.

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I am very grateful to have been selected as one of the first recipients of the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre (ABCD-Centre)—Future Environmental Leadership (FEL) scholar’s scientific cohort. During my one year of scientific training under the joint supervision of Prof. Babel (AIT), Prof. Daniel (UNU-FLORES), and Prof. Stamm (TU-Dresden) on my PhD thesis on the topic “Framework For Assessment Of Water Energy Food Nexus Under Climate Change: An Application To The Ping River Basin, Thailand”, I received a lot of feedback and suggestions which provided significant help to enhance the quality of my doctoral research.

During my entire research period under the FELS program, I could draft a manuscript from my PhD research and published two papers in high-quality journals. I also had ample opportunity to participate and present my research in workshops, dialogues, and conferences, to name a few, like the ABCD Resource Nexus dialogue, Dresden Nexus Conference 2022 (DNC 2022), Global Centres PhD Colloquium, and DAAD event.

I feel privileged and lucky to have joined UNU-FLORES as a visiting researcher under the program because it has helped me a great deal to broaden my understanding of the “Resource Nexus” concept.

I got exposure to one of the top-tier think-tank institutes that advocates for the resource nexus and had a chance to learn about the high quality of ongoing research and projects. I also got a nice networking opportunity with highly experienced professors, doctoral students, and individuals from diverse backgrounds along with being a member of the UNU- Water Network and Early Career Scientist (ECS) Water Network.

The past 10 months I have been involved at UNU-FLORES have proven to be very beneficial in terms of my development as a researcher and I see this collaboration go beyond the Future Environmental Leadership training period..

 Everybody here is cordial, engaged in discussions, and open to collaboration. I  encourage and recommend the doctoral studentsnfrom the Global South to apply for the ABCD Future Environmental Leaders Scholarship call to gain the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.