Joint Master's Program Water Security & Global Change

Take a look on our upcoming Master Program.

Overview and Background

The Joint Master’s program on “Water Security and Global Change”, is truly international as we accept applications from all nationalities and expose them to the learning environment in the Global South and Global North on a pressing and persuasive topic of Water Security. The new Master’s program will combine the expertise of all partners (RWTH Aachen, IIT Madras, TU Dresden) towards an integrated and holistic approach, serving the needs of regional, national, and international stakeholders. Existing modules will provide a baseline for the new program. It will have a modular structure that includes a mobility window for study abroad and options for specializations. Part of the joint effort will be the coordination of student mobility as well as the development of communication-, dissemination- and marketing strategies and their implementation. The courses shall be taught by experts from the respective institutions. Internships and Master theses will be conducted in close cooperation with selected companies, governmental agencies, and NGOs. Based on a jointly developed and operated curriculum a new study program is set up jointly at three participating (degree-awarding) institutions with two associated partners (UNU Flores and AIT Bangkok) and a joint degree is awarded. The accreditation would be realized through the participating institutions separately. This program will enable the mobility of the enrolled students amongst the 3 universities as a single cohort, where all the enrolled students will commence the academic year at IIT Madras for about 9 months, followed by 5 months at TU Dresden and 5 months at RWTH Aachen and execute the Master’s thesis in any of the above locations for 5 months.