The SDG Action Weekend side event co-organized by TUD Dresden University of Technology and the United Nations University was succesful. It was focused on the importance of Higher Education the field of environmental management to achieve sustainable development. The main goals of this weekend were: 1) to showcase successful initiatives and case studies where postgraduate education has contributed significantly to advancing the SDGs, particularly in the context of environmental management and resource-nexus applications. 2)to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing postgraduate programs that focus on sustainability and the resource nexus, especially in partnerships with higher education institutions in the Global South. 3) to promote collaboration and partnerships between universities, governmental bodies, NGOs, and other stakeholders to enhance the impact of postgraduate education on sustainable development efforts.

Dr. André Lindner, Associated Expert of the ABCD Centre and Head and International Affairs Advisor of the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of TUD organized this side event, which was simultaneously occurring in New York from 18th to 19th September.